Commercial Glazing Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure – we offer a comprehensive inspection, repair and maintenance service for all architectural glazing incorporated into commercial buildings.

The maintenance programme and the frequency will be dependent upon the condition of the glazing, glazing frame, pressure, cover/feature capping and flashings

Our maintenance charges will be bespoke, tailored to the age and condition of the structure and your budgetary requirements.

Please contact us for an initial survey; it would be extremely helpful if you have the design drawings of the structure available when we meet.

Glazing Leak Rectification

It is highly likely that at some time a glazing system will leak; this could be for a number of reasons. This is an area in which P.R. Structural Glazing have expertise with experience of working on the various glazing systems available to architects.

We establish the reasons behind the water ingress then propose and cost a solution. What we promise not to do is advise you we can stop the leak using silicon sealant and not cure the leak and it returns in the future.

If for any reason a more investigative survey is necessary there will be a charge for this.

Glazing Cleaning

Cleaning of glazing should be an integral part of a maintenance programme in order to maintain light levels; however sometimes it is also done purely for aesthetic reasons.

In some locations glass and the surrounding glazing system can also be subject to deposits of more than dust and residue in the atmosphere that may require specialist cleaning such as algae, a film of oil or grease, or smoke. We can arrange a survey of the glazing and then carry out the required cleaning process.

Glazing Replacement

P.R. Structural Glazing is a specialist in exchanging individual units of glass, be it double glazed, single or Georgian wired glass

From time to time glass and or the glazing system may suffer damage due to accident or vandalism but sometimes, for no obvious reason, a glazed unit cracks or the cavity in a double glazed unit fills with water. When this occurs please contact us and we will visit you and investigate the cause of the failure if not known.

We will establish the exact match in tint, cavity and laminate or toughened glass to meet the original designers’ specification and arrange for it to be manufactured.

We will organize delivery and installation in or outside of normal working hours.

A full survey will be performed to establish the health and safety requirements taking into consideration the access machinery required to achieve the glass works.
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