Commercial Glazing Refurbishment

P.R. Structural Glazing have experience in all types of glazing systems and will happily advise you on what may be done to improve and or modernise the existing arrangement.

When a commercial building is being redeveloped, modernised or the architectural glazing has deteriorated and looks fatigued and or leaks.

In many instances the glazing system does not require replacing but simply needs the original design features improved upon.

Many problems arise in glazing installations due to little or no maintenance particularly on glazed roofs. Glazing system design has improved over the years but the older structural glazing feature at one time or another are likely to have problems.

In most cases we are asked to resolve the following issues –
  • Double glazed units filling with water - usually caused by deterioration of silicon cavity seal.
  • Staining and discolouration of the glazing – often due to the transom design whereby it is proud of the glazing itself which, together with the lack of a suitable drainage system does not allow rain water to run away but causes it to sit on the glass causing a ‘ponding’ effect.
  • Water ingress – this can be due to a variety of issue e.g. the design of the glazing frame drainage system, blockage of the drainage system, shrinkage of pressure capping gaskets on the mullions and transoms.

Glazing system failure is not always simple it can often be the combination of a number of problems. Our experience and knowledge gained over many years combined with the modern techniques available to us improves the likelihood of quickly establishing the root cause of a problem.

P.R. Structural Glazing will make recommendations on how to cure a problem and tender a price for carrying out the work. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange for an investigation.
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